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Oct 8, 2012 8:00am PDT
he was arrested, protester jack elway said demonstrators hoped to hold up the piloting of the drones that takes place at the base, perhaps sparing the lives of civilians overseas. >> we're hoping by being here, maybe we will hold up one of these pilots for an hour or two, and perhaps that may be saving the family from being destroyed in pakistan or somewhere else. >> new job figures released friday show the u.s. unemployment rate has fallen to 7.8%, the lowest point to date since president obama took office. employers added 114,000 workers in september, and revised figures showed employment gains in previous months were higher than previously thought. the number marked a boost to president obama's reelection bid in the aftermath of his widely criticized debate performance last week. addressing supporters of the university of virginia, obama said the country has come too far to turn back. >> more people are getting jobs. every month reminds us we still have too many friends and neighbors who are looking for work, and to many middle-class families are struggling to pay the bills
Oct 1, 2012 8:00am PDT
self-control. jack, what are we going to do about a snack today? would you like to be last? no? would you like snack at all? would you? yeah. well, you two are in here, and all of our friends are washing their hands. hendrick: our goal should be to guide and discipline our children so that they feel supported and valued, not judged and rejected. woman: come here. you hold one, and i'll hold one. [whining] here. you hold one, and i'll hold one. there you go. where will we put it? you're going to put yours there? i'm gonna put mine right here. hendrick: warm, nurturing relationships plus firm controls combined with the reasons for rules can go a long way in promoting self-discipline and self-control in children. woman: it's not o.k. to get it too close to your eyes. i need you to keep it away... girl: i know. from off of your eyelids. girl in red: i'm not doing my eyelids. you're not gonna do your eyes, tanya? it's really pretty if you do your eye shadow. but she's remembering that the rule is that we can't put the face paint around our eyes, 'cause that's how we spread germs. an
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)